The Malay Art of Self Defense The Malay Art of Self Defense
by Sheikh Shamsuddin
North Atlantic Books, July 2005
ISBN 1-55643-562-2

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Silat Seni Gayong is an art of self-defense, a fighting art but one that also emphasizes the development of the self, becoming a better person, and serving humanity. Sometimes compared to a tiger ready to devour its prey, Gayong helps practitioners develop and increase physical fitness, flexibility, mental conditioning, and self-confidence. Author Sheikh Shamsuddin, who has studied Gayong for 25 years, introduces this little-known practice to Western readers in this first book on the subject in English. The most comprehensive study in any language on Gayong and its customs, The Malay Art of Self-Defense explores in depth the system, techniques, crucial elements, and philosophies involved. Also covered are the art’s history, profiles of the most notable practitioners, and an informative Q&A collected from various martial art practitioners to expand readers’ knowledge and appreciation. Included are photos of Gayong demonstrations, traditional training centers, customs, and events.

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"Guru Sheikh Shamsuddin helps the art of silat flourish. His pace precisely exhibits the legendary slogan ‘No Malay shall perish from this earth.’ Congratulations to Guru Shamsuiddin – he is definitely not an amateur, he is Tok Guru."
- Azlan Ghanie, director and owner of Seni Beladiri magazine, Malaysia, and founder/chief instructor of Silat Melayu Keris Lok-9

"I consider Shamsuddin one of the great pioneers of pentjak silat gayong in the United States. He has increased the popularity of the silat gayong practice and always upholds the grace, traditions, and honor of the art."
- Bapak Willem de Thouars, chief instructor of Kuntao Silat, Denver, Colorado

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